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Chamber-Member Benefit!

New Chamber-Member Benefit!

Starting in October, your Chamber membership will give you the added benefit of what we’re calling “Member Spotlights”.  This special section of our web-site will allow you to list your upcoming public sales, special events, special products and/or services.  There will be a link on the Chamber homepage that will take all viewers to this special page.

Criteria set for each listing will be 50 words or less typed in a Word or text document using 10 pt size.  The name of the company should be listed first and then the complete description of what you’re spotlighting.  Entries will be listed monthly.  Any entry to be listed in the first (October) “Member Spotlight” will have a deadline of September 25 and going forward, the deadline will be the 25 of the month preceeding when the entry should appear.  Entries will be listed alphabetically on the page with the company name in bold and the description in normal type.  All will be uniform in appearance.  To have your entry listed, just send the information as listed above to communications@hendersonvance.org or call the Chamber at 252-438-8414 if you have questions.  See an example below.


YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE – Beginning on Thursday, September 3, (business name) will begin its 4 day Labor Day Sale!  Storewide prices will be slashed from 10 to 25% off.  Its a sale you won’t want to miss.  Look for our ad in this week’s paper for specific offerings.